Apple: The Beautiful Game Shot on iPhone Commercial

Apple: The Beautiful Game Shot on iPhone Commercial

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The song "Wings" by Little Simz plays as various photos and videos taken by people from around the world are shown. All of which are focused around soccer, the beautiful game. Contributors include Joel A, John L. Dirk B, Dina A, Trisikh S, Joao Marcos P, Jayeon L, Marcin K, Santosh M, Alexander P, Nico S, Leonardo S, Miguel F, Ben O, Guillaume L, and Koji Y. "The beautiful game, shot on iPhone."

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  • Wings by Little Simz


    Little Simz

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Additional iPhone apps used.

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  • Good Campaign Style

    Jonathan Jansma
    June 12th, 2016

    I'm a fan of the way they've been putting these together, really getting people involved. It's kind of weird that it only focuses on soccer though. I would have assumed they would do all sports in one big montage. Still, good commercial.