Best Buy: Best Seat In Dan's House Commercial

Best Buy: Best Seat In Dan's House Commercial

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Dan is having a football party at his house, where a lot of his friends have invited a lot of their friends, and Dan isn't really sure who most of these people are. "Dan doesn't know him, or him, or half the people crashing his big game party, but he knows why they're here. To watch the game on this. With help from a Blue Shirt at Best Buy, he got a colorful Samsung SUHDTV with 4 times the resolution of full HD, the best seat in the house is in Dan's house and home field advantage has its advantages." A blond woman walks over and sits down next to Dan. "Bring home the win at Best Buy. All Samsung TVs on sale."

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  • That Blond Woman Though...

    Jonathan Jansma
    January 31st, 2016

    So, this commercial basically fits the style Best Buy has been using for a while now, points on consistency. But man, I did not expect that blond women. She is gorgeous. Extra points for her. So many extra points. Oh, and the TV seems pretty cool too, haha.