Bud Light: J.B. Smoove Golden Delivery Commercial

Bud Light: J.B. Smoove Golden Delivery Commercial

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A few people are having a small party. A man says "I just ordered pizza." His friend replies "We're out of Bud Light. Beer run?" The man answers "No. Minibar delivery." The man orders Bud Light online while a news broadcast in the background fills us in on the deal. "Bud Light and Minibar Sweepstakes. Get the golden can and you could go to Super Bowl 50 with J.B. Smoove." Under an hour later, his beer is delivered, and to everyones surprise J.B. Smoove also shows up to deliver a golden Bud Light can. "We're going to the Super Bowl!" The man is excited "So, see you in two weeks?" J.B. replies "You don't want to hang?" Of course the man can't pass up this opportunity. They hang out doing various things like cooking up a roast pig, getting yelled at in the shower to use a loofah, etc. The day before the big game, the men get ready and the man asks "Should I order a car?" J.B. just laughs and brings the man outside to see the Bud Light blimp he has waiting for them. "Does J.B. deliver or what?" Then, they dance on the roof of the building.

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ENJOY RESPONSIBLY © 2016 A-B, Bud Light® Beer, St Louis, MO. No purchase necessary. Open to all US residents 21 and older. See rules at budlight.com for entry, prizes, and details. Ends January 30th. Void where prohibited.

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