Corona: Having Friends In Mind Commercial

Corona: Having Friends In Mind Commercial

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A group of friends go to a friends bar on its grand opening day and order some Corona Extra. They look around and the bar is pretty empty. One of the friends takes it upon himself to try and promote the bar to get people in the doors. He grabs a few Coronas and rounds up everyone currently at the bar, including the kitchen staff. He then fashions a mop to look like a person, brings over a cardboard cut out of a boxer, and then takes a picture of them all together. He send the pic to all of his friends, and posts it on social media. Soon, the bar is crawling with people, packed to capacity. "Having friends in mind has something extra."

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Please drink responsibly. Corona Extra Beer. Imported by Crown Imports, Chicago, IL

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    Jonathan Jansma
    April 30th, 2016

    Corona commercials always seem to be somewhat low-key, so that's whatever. But, the main issue I have with this commercial is that it really doesn't advertise the product much. Sure, they show the beer, but they don't really give us a reason to want to buy / drink it. Most beer companies at least pepper in some details about the product. But this just shows some friends, getting all their friends to a bar, and they just happen to be drinking Corona. They only had the one shot of the bottles in the fridge that made them look pretty good, but that's about it.