Dairy Queen: Randy Winter BBQ Commercial

Dairy Queen: Randy Winter BBQ Commercial

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A man and woman are eating their DQ $5 Buck Lunches. "This is a serious deal." The woman replies "Yea, I can't believe this DQ $5 Buck Lunch comes with fires, drink, and a sundae." The man adds "Can't believe it now comes with this KC BBQ Burger." The woman looks out her window and sees her neighbor, Randy, barbecuing out in the snow. "I can't believe Randy's barbecuing." The man seems to understand though. "Oh Randy. He loves that grill." As he says that, snow from Randy's roof falls on him and his grill. "It's barbecue season at DQ with the new KC BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger. Now available with the $5 Buck Lunch lineup. Entree, fries, drink, plus a sundae. Only at your DQ. This is Fan Food, not fast food."

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