DIRECTV: The Settlers Are Providers Commercial

DIRECTV: The Settlers Are Providers Commercial

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The Settlers are sitting down for dinner when their son asks "Ma, Pa, why do we settle for cable?" The mother answers "Because we're settlers, and that's what we do." The daughter speaks up "But with DIRECTV and AT&T you can get your TV and wireless service from one provider." The father answers "Are not we your providers? Do we not provide you with this succulent jack rabbit pie, this delicious grey water soup, and a single lick of the family lolly every harvest moon?" He then shakes the glass jar with the lollipop inside. "Don't be a settler. Get a $100 reward card when you switch to DIRECTV."

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New approved customers only. Card issued by MetaBank, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc., delivered 6-8 weeks after install. Pro-rated ETF (up to $480), equipment non-return and other fees & conditions apply. Call or visit for full details. Offer ends 4/13/16.

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  • Pretty Funny, Gross Food

    Jonathan Jansma
    March 24th, 2016

    Just thinking about all that gross food kinda turned me off... but, who knows, maybe life was really that hard for settlers back in the day. Thankfully life isn't like that anymore, haha. I like this campaign though, pretty clever / funny.