Dodge: Debate What Matters Commercial

Dodge: Debate What Matters Commercial

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Richard Rawlings (Uncle Richie) interrupts a debate at a private school to debate something that actually matters. The song "Fuel" by Metallica starts playing. "Challenger, Charger. 305 horsepower, 300 horsepower. Both will make your mama cry, but there's no crying at the gas pump." He rattles off some stats "Win, win! Debates over!" GYSOT (Get You Some of That).

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  • Fuel by Metallica



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Charger 292 hp standard, Rally package shown with 300 hp. Charger RWD, EPA est. 19 city/31 hwy mpg with 3.6L engine. Challenger EPA est. 19 city/30 hwy mpg with 3.6L engine. Actual milages may vary. Professional driver. Closed course. Do not attempt. Dodge is a registered trademark of FCA US LLC.

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