GEICO: Decorative Plates Closer Look Commercial

GEICO: Decorative Plates Closer Look Commercial

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Two women are sitting at a table talking over tea. "I really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with GEICO." The other woman replies "I should take a closer look at GEICO." The camera slowly zooms into the decorative plates displayed behind them where we see the plates actually have lives of their own. An animated man is trying to serenade a woman. "GEICO has a long history of great savings and great service. Over 75 years." The woman replies "Wait, 75 years? That is great." The man replies "Speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. You like Smashmouth?" The woman is not impressed "Uh, yea, I have an early day tomorrow. So..." The man continues to attempt to play her something "Wait, almost there. I've gotta tune the A." The woman leaves and closes her window. "Goodnight, Bruce." Narrator "Take a closer look at GEICO. Great savings and a whole lot more."

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  • Kind of Weak

    Jonathan Jansma
    November 10th, 2016

    The premise makes sense, I guess. Humor was kind of weak, though. Maybe they'll think of better ones down the line at some point.