GEICO: Gecko's First NCAA Basketball Game Commercial

GEICO: Gecko's First NCAA Basketball Game Commercial

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The GEICO Gecko announces at his very first NCAA basketball game alongside another announcer. "So, how are you enjoying your first NCAA tournament?" The gecko replies "Ah, it's just lovely. I'm here to let all these folks now how easy it is to save money on their car insurance with GEICO, and..." The action of the basketball game catches the gecko's attention. "Oy oy oy! Set the pick! Kick it outside. Shoot the three, shoot the three!" As the gecko celebrates he seems to be in pain. "Are you ok?" The gecko answers "No, no I'm not. I think I pulled a hammy. Could we get some ice? Just one cube of ice?" He limbs around waiting for the ice. "GEICO. Proud partner of NCAA March Madness."

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NCAA March Madness is an official trademark of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

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