GEICO: Gecko's Small New York Apartment Commercial

GEICO: Gecko's Small New York Apartment Commercial

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The GEICO Gecko is hanging out in his New York apartment, waiting for food to get delivered. "I absolutely love my New York apartment, but the rent is outrageous. Good thing GEICO offers affordable renters insurance, with great coverage, it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen, or destroyed." The doorbell rings "Uh, excuse me." The delivery guy starts shoving Chinese food through the Gecko's small door. "Delivery! Hey. lo mein, szechuan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce, and you got some fortune cookies. Have a good one." The food containers take up all of the Gecko's apartment. "Ah, these small New York apartments." To protect your belongings, let GEICO help you with renters insurance.

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  • Same Old Same Old

    Jonathan Jansma
    December 10th, 2015

    It's not bad, it's not good, it's just what they've been doing for a while now. He's a small Gecko, in a small New York apartment, and gets some food delivered through his tiny door. But, I guess it's cute, so there's always that, right? I'm personally looking forward to a new spokesperson to hit the GEICO scene.