GEICO: Walrus Hockey Goalie Commercial

GEICO: Walrus Hockey Goalie Commercial

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A hockey coach, played by James McCauley, watches his team play a game when he turns to the camera and speaks to us. "GEICO makes it easy to get help when you need it, with licensed agents available 24/7. It's not just easy, it's having a walrus in goal easy." The opposing team takes a shot at the goal, but a huge walrus named Duncan is playing as the goalie and takes up the entire goal. The player who took the shot gets very aggravated "It's a walrus! Ridiculous!" A teammate of the walrus skates up to give him a high five "Yes! Nice save big guy!" The coach shouts "Good job, Duncan! Way to go!" as he grabs a fish out of a bucket labeled Duncan and throws it to the walrus. "It's not just easy, it's GEICO easy." Duncan the walrus gets tired and starts to lay down, but the coach tries to get him back up "Oh, Duncan, stay up, no sleepies!"

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  • One of My Favs

    Kelly Malstrom
    January 26th, 2019

    This is one of my favorites! Ridiculous!! Haha

  • Clever, Good Acting

    Jonathan Jansma
    January 26th, 2019

    When GEICO does funny commercials, 99% of the time that are good. This one didn't disappoint. I was a fan of the acting all around, especially the hockey player that gets aggravated about missing the shot. As ridiculous as these commercials can get, they still left in a little bit of realism with the human element. I'm a fan.,