GoDaddy: Heads of Cheese Commercial

GoDaddy: Heads of Cheese Commercial

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A man, Fred, has been crafting busts of people with cheese for a long time, but business seems to pick up when he gets a GoDaddy domain name. "My name is Fred and I carve heads out of cheese. It's not easy. I was once working on a bust of Shaquille O'Neal in swiss." He taps his chisel and a big piece of Shaq's head falls off. "I haven't worked in swiss since. Everyone called me crazy. Things really took off when I got my domain name,, from GoDaddy. And now they're selling like hotcakes, made of cheese." Fred is then seen cutting a huge block of cheese with a chainsaw. "Got a crazy idea you think you can turn into a success? We know you can and we've got a domain for you. Go you. GoDaddy."

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Do not attempt. Dramatization - Not an actual GoDaddy customer. Shaquille O'Neal, Rights of Publicity and Persona Rights: ABG - Shaq, LLC.

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  • Funny in a Subtle Way

    Jonathan Jansma
    April 29th, 2016

    I think I like how this GoDaddy commercial isn't very over-the-top. It actually could be about a guy who just wants to carve cheese for the rest of his life, and now he can. I know it's not a real situation, the fine print says so, but you almost feel like it could be. Definitely a breath of fresh air from their super crazy or highly sexual campaigns.