H&R Block: Na Na Na Cowboys Commercial

H&R Block: Na Na Na Cowboys Commercial

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Two cowboys are sitting around, talking to each other about filing their taxes. "I filed my taxes online with H&R Block for $9.99." The other cowboy asks "$9.99?" He answers "$9.99." Each time they go back and forth saying $9.99 it sounds more and more like they are saying "Na na na." File all your taxes online for $9.99. Simple federal returns are free. $9.99 per state.

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  • Na na na (H&R Block)

    Judith Tabler
    November 29th, 2019

    Great Ad. the best ever. Get that guy again. I have watched him on other shows.

  • Is that Bruce Glover in that Comercial

    Bill Munsell
    January 25th, 2016

    It sure looks like Bruce Glover of James Bond film and Grady from Walking Tall.