HTC: Ultra Selfie Camera Commercial

HTC: Ultra Selfie Camera Commercial

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A man takes selfies all throughout his day, as a 24 hour selfie montage, which is shot entirely on "the amazing HTC 10" smartphone. "Introducing the HTC 10 with the world's first ultra selfie camera. No matter what kind of selfies yourself takes the new HTC 10 will make them amazing. The HTC 10 with the world's only ultra selfie camera." The man starts off in bed with his girlfriend, and then does a bunch of stuff during his day. He goes to a skate park, plays pool, goes to the beach, swims in a pool, goes to work, gets a tattoo, hangs out with street performers, hugs a police officer, gets attacked by an owl, plays basketball, and then finally gets home to sleep in bed with his girlfriend.

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  • What a Tiring Day

    Jonathan Jansma
    May 7th, 2016

    This guy has a lot of energy, that's for sure. A real person would probably only be able to do maybe 3 of those things in one day. Also, this commercial loses points because of a few cinematic mistakes where you can see that the man isn't really holding the camera. For instance, when the owl flies in his face, you can clearly see both of his hands. Ruins the selfie effect.