KFC: The Colonel Sanders Story Commercial

KFC: The Colonel Sanders Story Commercial

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A child lays in bed, getting ready to go to sleep, but would like a bedtime story. "Pa, will you tell me the story about Colonel Sanders and how he saved fried chicken forever by making it the hard way?" As the little kid continues the story, his voice slowly changes into the voice of Colonel Sanders, as if he was being possessed. "Which means using fresh whole chickens from American farms, a milk and egg wash, hand breading and a slow fast food patented pressure frying process that takes no less than 25 minutes. And how cantankerous, fastidious, and handsome he was daddy? Daddy?" The dad just kind of stares at his son while eating a bucket of KFC. "...OK." He then turns the lights out and walks away. The son responds "See you when the rooster crows." We see a glow in the dark figure of Colonel Sanders on the kids ceiling. "Colonel quality, guaranteed."

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Annually 5% frozen in stores due to availability and market demand. Not available in HI and AK. Fresh claim applicable to KFC's drumstick, thighs, breasts, and wings. If you're not satisfied with any portion of your meal, bring that portion of the meal back and we'll replace that portion. Limit one replacement item per customer per day. Valid only within 24 hours at the location of purchase. At participating KFCs.

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  • Why Cantankerous?

    Jonathan Jansma
    April 30th, 2016

    Actually had to look a few of these words up, but describing Colonel Sanders as cantankerous doesn't seem right. Defined, cantankerous means "bad-tempered, argumentative, and uncooperative." Seems a bit harsh... But, all in all, not a bad commercial. Definitely got my attention. Also, I like how the dad basically just said, screw it, I gotta go, haha.