letgo: Escape Commercial

letgo: Escape Commercial

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Two men in suits are running through the woods at night being chased by gunfire. One man is running behind because he's dragging his grill all through the woods. The other man tells him he should just let it go, but the grill owner is feeling reluctant. He might want to do a little grilling when work slows down someday. The other man pulls out his phone, opens his letgo app, and snaps a picture of the grill to sell online. Immediately, a helicopter shines its spotlight on the grill owner and makes him an offer. Sold.

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  • Convicts?

    Samantha King
    September 23rd, 2016

    Why did Letgo costume these men in suits instead of convict costumes. It's very rare that people bust out of jail in suits.

  • Well Acted

    Jonathan Jansma
    June 20th, 2016

    First, to answer Ryan's question. We aren't really supposed to know why they are running through the woods. It let's your imagination make up your own story. I was led to believe that they were pulling off an Ocean's 11 type of heist, and now they are being chased by the law. As for why he is pulling a grill along with him, the full campaign generally has people in weird situations holding on to their weird belongs, making the situation comedic, but also illustrating how much of a burden it is to keep holding on to those items. Now, as for the 4 stars I am giving this commercial, I thought it was actually really well thought out, and the actors did a really good job with their roles.

  • Question

    June 17th, 2016

    I don't understand why people are shooting at them and why are they dragging a grill threw woods to begin with. I really don't care but what the hell are they tring to get across????