Old Spice: Cooling Mint Body Wash Group Chat Commercial

Old Spice: Cooling Mint Body Wash Group Chat Commercial

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A group of friends hang outside talking to each other. One of the friends (Deon Cole) takes a bottle of Old Spice Cooling with Mint Body Wash out of his jacket pocket to show his buddies what he's been talking about. "Hey, this is the one. Old Spice Cooling with Mint. She's been using it all week. Look, it's almost empty." He passes it to one of them (Ocean Glapion) to prove it. and he replies "Yo, that's messed up, bro." Another friend grabs the bottle out of his hand to smell it while confessing "My wife and I use this stuff all the time! Smells so good." The other friends start giggling while they group chat each other, supposedly making fun of the friend that shares his body wash with his wife. "What's so funny? Wait hold on. I'm not getting any reception." They left him out of the group chat. Men have skin too.

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  • Does The Job

    Jonathan Jansma
    March 12th, 2019

    Well, I guess this commercial does it's job. It shows the Old Spice Cooling with Mint Body Wash in a good light, might get some chuckles out of people, and overall it's not terrible. But, Old Spice used to be the king of TV Commercials. This one just seemed lazy, and it took me a little while to figure out what they were all laughing about, until I realized that they thought it was funny that their friend actually shares with his wife. I didn't really find it amusing, but I guess I could see why some dudes might.