Oreo: S'Mores Flavor from the Wonder Vault Commercial

Oreo: S'Mores Flavor from the Wonder Vault Commercial

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In the animated woods we find the Oreo Wonder Vault, a place they keep all their wondrous new Oreo flavors. "Wonder if I took a S'More. What's that? I'm sure you've seen them. Two graham crackers with chocolate and marshmallow between 'em. Anyway, what if I took one and put it in the place where Oreo keeps the ideas for all its crazy flavors? I'd like to think they'd get inspired to make a summer treat that makes you think of camp fires and camp songs when you eat. I bet it'd be as tasty as the S'Mores we used to know, but with a little twist of wonder because it comes from Oreo." Now in stores.

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  • A Nice Poem

    Jonathan Jansma
    May 10th, 2016

    It actually took me a few watches to figure out that it all rhymed, haha. But anyway, I enjoyed the light tone of this commercial. Just hanging out, camping in the woods, it really relaxed me. Plus, S'Mores flavored cookies? Yes please.