PlayStation: Vue The Resistance

PlayStation: Vue The Resistance

2.5 / 5

A group of people sit in a dark basement hiding from the cable companies and their bundles. As a cable truck drives by it plays a message over its loud speaker. "Remain in your home to hear an exciting bundle offer." A man yells "I'm not going back to coax!" The leader of the group yells back "No one's going back! Put down the remote, Rodney. We're making a break for it. Live TV. No long-term contracts. Cloud based DVR!" Rodney gets excited "Tell me about the Live TV part again?" He answers "No, Rodney. But I'll show you." He picks up a PlayStation controller, opens PlayStation Vue, and starts playing an episode of The A-Team. A woman in the group proclaims "It's beautiful!" and stats crying. "Better TV starts now."

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Channels and pricing vary by city and plan. Broadband internet & compatible viewing device required. PS4 or PS3 console may be required. See for details.

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