Purina: My Rescue Story Commercial

Purina: My Rescue Story Commercial

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The Harrison Family, from Waxahachie Texas, are playing a board game one rainy Friday night when they have an unexpected visitor come to the door. "Friday night has always been all fun and games here at the Harrison household. But one dark, stormy evening..." A cat is sitting in the rain by their backdoor. They let the cat in, dry her off, and give her some much needed love. "She needed a good meal and a good family. So we gave her Purina Cat Chow Complete. It's great because it has the four corner stones of nutrition." Being quality protein, healthy carbs, fatty acids, and 25 vitamins & minerals. "Everything a cat needs for the first step to a healthy happy life." The next morning the entire family sits on the bed with all of their cats. "Purina Cat Chow Complete. Share you rescue story and join us in building better lives one rescue at a time."

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Based on a true story

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  • Lots of Cats

    Jonathan Jansma
    May 7th, 2016

    Interesting concept. Obviously it gets points for having cute cats, that's a given. It's nice to see Purina cares about stray cats, even though this specific situation seems like they just stole someone else's cat (that cat looks way too well maintained to be a stray). What threw me off a little is how many cats this family now has. Three cats is a lot of cats to me. I would think two would be the max. But, that's just me.