Sprint: Think About It Commercial

Sprint: Think About It Commercial

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A man talks about why you should be thinking about switching to the Sprint Network. "You might not believe it, America, but you finally do have a choice of wireless. Because the Sprint Network is faster. You can save 50% off most Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile rates. You get a new phone every year with Galaxy Forever. We have a 30 day guarantee. They'll pay for you to switch. And, they'll set it up and deliver it to your house. It's a better network for less money. If you think about it, Sprint just makes sense. Even if you don't think about it, choice is pretty obvious."

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Plans not exact match. Offer/coverage not available everywhere or for discounted phones. Excludes taxes, surcharges, add-on & premium content. Subject to new line, activation fee, & credit. See web for eligible plans. Savings until 2018 - after pay full amount. Galaxy Forever is after 12 lease payments and does not guarantee price or phone selection. Contract buyout up to $650 reward card after online registration and phone turn in. 30 day guarantee reqs phone return, excludes, premium content, 3rd party billing & international charges. Restrictions apply.

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    Jonathan Jansma
    April 29th, 2016

    Eh, an extremely boring commercial. And after reading all the fine print, there really isn't much of a deal here. So, I guess we still have a choice, it's just not a great one to make. As much as these companies battle for your money, they're all still pretty much the same.