StubHub: Your Ticket Out Commercial

StubHub: Your Ticket Out Commercial

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"What are you waiting for?" Lots of people are out and about seizing the day, going to various events, like a boxing match, concert, soccer game, baseball game, etc. But not everyone is taking advantage of their free time. At the end we find one man microwaving pizza, and that seems to be the highlight of his night. "StubHub, Your Ticket Out."

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  • Actually Kind of Depressing...

    Jonathan Jansma
    May 7th, 2016

    The beginning is really emotionally packed. I did not see the ending coming with the lonely guy reheating pizza. Really depressed the hell out of me. What's wrong with a quiet night in, right? Or, maybe he just doesn't have any friends that want to go out with him. Or, maybe he suffered some kind serious loss recently and doesn't feel like going out because he needs to mentally heal. Either way, I felt bad for him. But still a good commercial.