Visa: Dan Gronkowski Commercial

Visa: Dan Gronkowski Commercial

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Dan Gronkowski walks around town celebrating with people on the street wearing the Patriots jersey number 87. We assume he is pretending to be his brother Rob Gronkowski. "I remember the day I put on that jersey. Everything changed." Everyone he sees calls him Gronk and is very happy to see him. "Gronk I love you!" He even gets pies especially made for him. Dan finally makes it home and his brother, Rob, asks "Dan, what do you think you're doing?" as if mad that Dan seems to be stealing Rob's valor. "I'm Dan Gronkowski, and I choose Visa Checkout. My story began..." Dan is cut short by Rob "Bro, turn off the lights." Dan turns out the lights and goes to bed. "Choose Visa Checkout, the easier way to pay online."

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Dramatization. Sequences shortened. Screen image simulated.

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