Visa: Football Game Date Commercial

Visa: Football Game Date Commercial

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A man and woman kiss while on a date at a Football game between the Patriots and Cardinals. "I haven't always been a Patriots fan." After the couple kiss, the woman asks "Is that makeup?" As it turns out, the woman asked him on a date to the football game while they were both at the office, and he wasn't sure which team she was a fan of. So, he chose the Cardinals, bought a bunch of Cardinals gear, painted his face in the team colors, and met her at the game only to find out she was wearing Patriots gear. He panics and runs to the bathroom to wash the paint off of his face and change his clothes. "All it took was a tap, a little panic, a misunderstanding, a dip, and a click." No matter how you pay, choose Visa.

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  • is this a super bowl prediction or setup lol

    January 18th, 2016

    How odd that its of the cardinals and patriots two of the last four teams in fighting go to the sb in the commercial a "game" before the afc n nfc championship game???